By Joining Our Community, you take the right investment decision. We will not promise you high rate like many other investments programs (HYIP), but we promise you sure and stable income from your invested Capital. We work with the money in order to generate secure and stable income. We are not Gamers, or Palyers, sorry that we can not promise you too high rate.

We pay up : 5% monthly , 1% Weekly or 200% after 1 year .  All ours investment packs run for at least  1 year . 


                      The initial deposit is available at any time without any fees after 1 year, Yearly plan except of course.


There is one time registration fees in order to Join our Community. You must pay 0.02bitcoin or $30 perfectMoney 

We also offer a very simple but interesting referral program:

We pay you 0.01 bitcoin for every people you refer in our program. it mean if you refer 100 people you get 1 bitcoin or 1000 and you get 10 bitcoin

Also we pay you up to 10% of deposits made by people you refer in the business.